Machining service

Most of the parts for the equipment that we design are manufactured in our own machining unit. We also offer subcontractor machining services and make spare parts. We specialise in the machining of light-weight pieces (aluminium, plastics, and small iron parts). We are familiar with aluminium profile cutting and machining as well as the assembly of profile frames. In addition, we hold some Bosch profiles and brackets in stock.

We use two CNC machining units, of which the larger one has a movement range of x=1020, y=610 and z=160.

We use CAD / CAM software ( 2D ).

Our machine stock also includes a centre lathe for manufacturing fairly small pieces.

We have a glass media blasting device; other surface treatment tasks are assigned to subcontractors.


Production Manager, Machining Service
Kari Virtanen
Tel. +358 2 2756322
Email: kari.virtanen(at)