Major factor of production

Founded in 1991,Promector Oy designs and manufactures customised production automation equipment based on its business idea. Our personnel of 18 people are skilled and motivated to manufacture just the type of equipment that customers need, whether an assembly, dosing line mechanics, packaging machine feeding equipment or robot applications. We have delivered equipment to several branches of industry. We have special expertise in numerous pharmaceutical and diagnostics equipment deliveries. Many of the equipment are placed in clean rooms, so we are familiar with GMP requirements. The validation process can also be included in equipment deliveries, if requested by the customer.

We have helped our customers improve the operation of their old production lines. In modernisation projects, machine safety is brought to the level required by the present Machinery Directive in addition to improving the efficiency of equipment.

The new owner

Oy Movetec Ab has acquired the entire share capital of Promector Oy by a transaction dated August 29, 2019. We will continue to operate normally after the change of ownership.